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Getting Back to Your Routine After Having a Baby 

It will take some time to create a new routine with your growing family but here are a few tips to start.
Written by the Theralogix team of Registered Dietitians
It will take some time to create a new routine with your growing family, and figure out what works best to keep you all safe and healthy. Here are a few of our tips for new moms.

You carried your little one for nine months, and now you’ve finally welcomed them to the world. They’re the light of your life. But ironically, they’ve also turned it upside down.  

Your sleep schedule is out of whack, all your shirts have spit-up stains, and you haven’t been able to finish a whole cup of coffee in the morning without re-warming it in the microwave a million times.  

Life will never be the same (in a good way!), and it’ll take some time to adjust to life with your little one. But if you’re eager to return to some of your pre-baby routines, check out these four tips.  

1. Choose one activity each day that’s just for you.  

Your new baby probably takes up most of your time and mental space. While you may not be able to fully return to your usual routine, it’s still important to reclaim some time for yourself and the activities that you love. Maybe that means squeezing in a quick workout, meeting up with a friend for coffee, or simply enjoying a relaxing, uninterrupted shower or bubble bath.  

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s just for you. You’re more than just a mom.  

2. Build your community.  

You’ve heard the saying: “It takes a village to raise a child.” It’s essential to build a strong community and surround yourself with a support system to help you out when you start to feel overwhelmed. Talk regularly with your partner and communicate your needs, reach out to trusted friends and family, and consider joining an online or local parent group to connect with other mothers and families that may share similar experiences. You’re not on this journey of motherhood alone.  

Plus, your community can help make sure you get some time to yourself (refer back to tip number one!) 

3. Take it easy on yourself.  

You’re incredibly strong. But remember that it takes time to heal after pregnancy and delivery – both physically and emotionally. Plus, your hormones are still in flux postpartum, usually for a few months. So, when your days aren’t going quite as expected post-baby, be gentle with yourself. Allow yourself to rest and give yourself a break when you don’t feel up to some of your usual activities, like working out or socializing.  

4. Accept that your post-baby routine won’t be the same as your pre-baby routine.  

As you adjust to life with your little one, you’ll get the hang of your baby’s feeding schedule, they’ll start to sleep more regularly, and you’ll become a multitasking pro. You’ll gradually add a little more free time to your daily agenda, and you’ll be able to incorporate some aspects of your pre-baby routine. But life is just a little different now that you’ve got a tiny human to care for, protect, and nourish. You’re creating a new routine with your growing family, figuring out what works best to keep you all safe and healthy.


Your life may revolve around your little one for now and getting back to your routine may feel impossible. But eventually, you’ll create a routine that works for you and your family – and aspects of your pre-baby routine can sneak in there, too.  

Oh, and if part of getting back to your routine includes returning to work (and you’re breastfeeding), make sure you check out this blog next: “7 Essential Tips for Breastfeeding and Returning to Work.” 

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