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Prostate Health
prostate cancer diagnosis support resources

prostate cancer diagnosis can be stressful and scary. It can be reassuring to educate yourself about treatment options and how to manage any side effects. There are resources that can help you focus on eating healthy and exercise to help manage your disease and symptoms. There are also many ways to reach out and get support online, in person, at events, and by phone. In this article, we share a variety of support resources available to guide you, your partner, and your family through a prostate cancer diagnosis.

Education About Your Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Prostate cancer is the second most common cause of cancer in men. This type of cancer sometimes grows slowly, leading some to choose active surveillance. Active surveillance means that you do not undergo surgery or radiation to treat the prostate cancer. Instead, you are closely monitored through regular prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing, digital rectal exams (DRE), and periodic prostate biopsies. Men on active surveillance only receive treatments if the cancer grows or causes symptoms.

Where your health is concerned,  you are your own best advocate. Educate yourself so you can take an active role in your health plan. Education is also the best way to ensure that you get the best care for optimal health.

  • Chesapeake Urology offers an online resource for prostate cancer facts and support information.
  • Us Too is an advocacy group that offers educational resources for prostate cancer including videos, facts and statistics, sexual health and intimacy, incontinence, genetic testing, clinical trials and treatment options. Us Too has resources for Veterans as well as veterans who have been exposed to agent orange or other herbicides may be at higher risk for prostate cancer. They have an online brochure about detection, treatment options, side effects, disability and coverage for those affected.
  • The Prostate Cancer Foundation has information about diagnosis and staging, treatment and side effects.
  • The American Institute for Cancer Research has nutrition and activity resources for cancer survivors to help you meet your unique needs.

Books About Prostate Cancer

Take a look at the following books for more in-depth reading about how to deal with a prostate cancer diagnosis:

Prostate Cancer Awareness Events

These events help to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer. This is one way to get you, your partner, and your family and friends involved.

  • The Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk is an event that is available nationwide for everyone. Teaming up with urology practices and non-profits, this event raises funds and awareness of prostate cancer.
  • The Prostate Cancer Foundation has a PCF Push Up Challenge which is a great way for you to raise money for prostate cancer research, and you can also challenge your friends and family to join.

Prostate Cancer Support Groups

Connecting with others is a valuable experience. Whether you’re sharing stories, discussing treatment, or motivating one another, it’s worthwhile to reach out.

Physician Support For Prostate Cancer

It is great to get feedback from others with prostate cancer, but always run medical questions by your healthcare professional.

If detected early, many prostate health issues can be manageable and have a low impact on your quality of life. Annual checkups are the first step to detect prostate changes before they become serious issues. A survey by the American Academy of Family Physicians found that more than half of all men have not seen their doctor for a physical exam in the last year.

Everyone deserves the healthiest, most fulfilling life possible. Make routine visits with your healthcare provider a priority, and encourage the other men in your life to do the same.

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