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Until recently, the only way for breastfed babies to get enough vitamin D was by giving them daily vitamin D drops. But now, research has revealed another option. Read on to learn more about vitamin d for babies.
Vitamin D and Your Breastfed Baby
Learn about the health benefits of staying hydrated and the five best tips for staying hydrated.

5 Best Tips for Staying Hydrated

What is hydration? By definition, it’s “the process of making your body absorb water or other liquid.” It’s no secret that drinking water is good for you. But for many people, drinking enough water and staying hydrated can be difficult.…

: Nesting may look a little different for dads, but the ways you can help prepare for your little one are invaluable.

Dads Nest Too

Your partner is expecting, and you’re both just a few weeks from welcoming your new baby to the world. She’s organized the changing table for the third time, swept out the garage, stocked the freezer with crockpot meals, and sanitized …

Here are five tips for men to help prioritize your health and wellness.

Men’s Health & Wellness Tips

Health and wellness may not always rank as your number one priority. Maybe it falls below work, taking care of your family, or other responsibilities and obligations in your life. But remember, staying healthy makes it so much easier to …

Learn all about the best healthy pregnancy snacks in this edition of pregnancy do’s and don’ts.

Pregnancy Do’s and Don’ts: All About Snacks  

Snacks help bridge the gap between meals, keeping you full, satisfied, and energized as you go about your day. When you’re pregnant, snacks become particularly important to make sure you get the calories and nutrients you need to support a …

A plant-based diet is a win for your health, the environment, your budget, and your athletic performance.

Plant-Based Diet for Athletes: Staying Active and Healthy on a Plant-Based Diet   

Plant-based diets are on the rise – and for good reason. They’re tied to heart health, immune health, gut health, and more. Plus, they help protect the planet and benefit your grocery budget.  

But if you’re an athlete, are plants …

Healthy vitamin D levels help support healthy muscles, healthy testosterone levels, and even mental health.

Three Surprising Vitamin D Benefits For Men

There are a number of vitamin D benefits for men. Lately, vitamin D has been the subject of much clinical study. Research shows that vitamin D is not just important for bone health. This vital nutrient also plays a role in supporting …

Take some time to figure out what a plant-based diet means to you, and then check out these tips to help you include more plants in your diet.

Plant-Based Diet for Beginners 

There are plenty of reasons to adopt a plant-based diet – your health, the environment, your budget, and more. If you’re interested in plant-based eating but aren’t sure where to start, consider this your guide. Learn all about what a …

Whether you follow a plant-based diet all the time or occasionally, you can benefit your health, your budget, and the planet by including more legumes in your diet.

Spilling the Beans on Legumes 

Beef, chicken, pork, turkey – meat is usually cast as the lead in most meals, while plant foods are lucky to land a supporting role. But plant-based diets are on the rise. Slowly but surely, dinner plates across the U.S. …

Learn about the most essential nutrients for men’s health and find out how you can include them in your diet and supplement routine.

Men’s Health: Most Essential Nutrients

In addition to a healthy diet and active lifestyle, there are a few key nutrients for men’s health. Learn about the most essential nutrients for men’s health and find out how you can include them in your diet and supplement …

: Taking care of your partner is also taking care of your little one. Here are a few tips to help you support your partner throughout pregnancy.

Supporting Your Partner Throughout Pregnancy 

A healthy baby starts with a healthy, supported mom. Research suggests that adequate family and partner support during pregnancy helps expecting mothers manage their stress, which is key for a healthy pregnancy. So, taking care of your partner is also …