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A healthy diet and lifestyle can help prevent traffic and keep blood flowing smoothly throughout your body. Consider these tips your roadmap to healthy cholesterol levels.
Follow Your Heart: Your Roadmap to Healthy Cholesterol Levels
Choosing a dietary supplement that is safe is more difficult than ever. Theralogix’s Balanced Living Blog provides 3 steps to choosing a dietary supplement safely.

3 Steps to Choosing Safe Dietary Supplements

The question of safe dietary supplements is always in the news. Consumers (rightly so) want to make sure the supplements they take are safe and effective.

A recent Council for Responsible Nutrition survey found that over two-thirds of Americans take …

Dietary Supplements Recently In The News

Dietary supplements are often in the news.  Below we summarize some recent dietary supplement news and share information about Theralogix.

The New England Journal of Medicine recently released a study announcing that approximately 23,000 emergency room visits each year …