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Immune Health

Keeping Your Immune Health Up

Make sure you continue to make immune health a priority to protect yourself and everyone around you.  
Written by the Theralogix team of Registered Dietitians
As the world begins to open up, and your circle starts to expand, make sure you continue to make your immune health a priority to protect yourself and everyone around you.

After a difficult year, the world is slowly regaining a sense of normalcy. The walls of solitude and safety that everyone had built around themselves are gradually coming down, and many are starting to return to some of the activities and events they used to enjoy.  

But remember – we’re all in this together. As the world reopens for you, it’s also opening back up for everyone else. Your social circle is wider than you may realize, giving germs the opportunity to pass round and round. Make sure you continue to make your immune health a priority to protect yourself and everyone around you.  

Think about how life is returning to normal for you – we’ve shared just a few situations you may be navigating below. Take extra precautions to support your immune health as you enter these settings – wash your hands frequently, keep your distance, and stay home if you’re sick

1. You may be returning to the office.  

If you’re an essential worker, you probably can’t relate to returning to work in person – you never stopped. Your contribution to keeping the world running amid a global crisis does not go unnoticed, and every hour you clock in is appreciated.  

But for many, remote work became an option to minimize social contact. Technology has been a cornerstone, allowing everyone to adapt and continue their usual routine from their own living room or kitchen. You’ve probably enjoyed the short commute from your bed to the makeshift desk at the kitchen table, but as the world opens back up, you may be asked to return to the office.  

Although you’re able to effectively complete your work at home, you may feel like something is missing. There’s still value to collaborating with your coworkers in person to foster solid professional relationships and maintain a healthy company culture.  

Stay up to date on your company’s policies and procedures to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

2. Your kids may be back in school.

Although remote learning has allowed students to stay on track academically, eight-hour video calls are rough on a kid. As a new school year begins, many schools are ready to trade in remote learning for the traditional classroom experience. Students are eager to visit with their long-lost friends, and teachers are back in their element, ready to make learning a blast.  

But sharing knowledge in person also means sharing germs. As we’ve come to learn, sharing isn’t always caring. Make sure your kids know how important immune health is, and how they can play their part in keeping their classmates and teachers healthy.

3. Live events, parties, and vacations are back on.  

2020 was the year of postponed concerts, festivals, vacations, and even weddings. But the show must go on. As restrictions are lifted, many of these events are keeping their scheduled (or rescheduled) dates.  

You’re probably excited about filling your social calendar with long-awaited events, feeling like you’re making up for lost time. Just remember, crowded events and activities can put you in close contact with others where germs can spread like wildfire. Make sure you follow proper guidelines, wash your hands often, and stay home if you’re sick.

4. Restaurants are open. 

The past year has sharpened everyone’s cooking skills. This is a friendly reminder to go check on your sourdough starters.  

But now that many restaurants are back in action, you may be ready to toss your apron to the side and let someone else do the cooking (and cleaning). Protect your immune health by opting for an outdoor table if possible, respecting restaurant policies, and avoiding crowded restaurants.  

Supplements to Help Support Immune Health 

As you find yourself out and about more often, make sure you refresh yourself on how to keep your immune system healthy. Start with these articles: “Maximizing Your Immune Health in Challenging Times” and “6 Tips to Boost Your Immune System Naturally.” If you put these tips into practice and feel like you still need some extra immune health support, check out this list of Theralogix products to keep you feeling your best.  

Theravir®is an immune health supplement with a unique combination of vitamins C and D, zinc, melatonin, and quercetin to support a vital immune response.* Theravir should be taken 30 minutes to one hour before bedtime since it contains melatonin to support healthy sleep.*  

Canabrex® is a high-quality solubilized palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) supplement formulated to help support a healthy immune response.* PEA is an endocannabinoid naturally produced in the body and found in some foods, like egg yolks, peanuts, and soybeans. Endocannabinoid and cannabis sound nearly alike, and although they work very similarly in the body, PEA does not come from cannabis. 

TherOmega® contains AlaskOmega®, a high-quality fish oil sourced from 100% sustainable, wild-caught Alaska Pollock from the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska. Each softgel offers a concentrated source of omega-3 fatty acids, providing at least 400 mg of EPA and 300 mg of DHA. The fish oil used in TherOmega® is also ultra-purified for exceptional freshness and certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), the gold standard for sustainability certification. Each production batch of TherOmega® is tested for freedom from contaminants such as mercury, lead, and PCBs by the International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) Program. IFOS has continually awarded TherOmega® with its highest rating of 5 stars, which shows its exceptional quality and purity.  

Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to support a healthy immune system and triglyceride levels, promote mobility and joint health, and promote heart, prostate, brain, and eye health.* 

Cerasus CQ® is a high-quality tart cherry supplement formulated with CherryPURE™, a Montmorency tart cherry powder made from whole cherries (Prunus cerasus). Cherries are naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, and flavonoids called anthocyanins. The formulation also includes vitamin C and quercetin, both of which are antioxidants that are naturally present in cherries. These three ingredients help promote a healthy immune system, an optimal uric acid level, and support exercise recovery.* 

Thera-D® is a line of vitamin D3 supplements available in 50 mcg (2,000 IU), 100 mcg (4,000 IU), and 150 mcg (6,000 IU) tablets. Maintaining a healthy vitamin D level promotes bone and heart health, immune and muscular function, and plays many other roles in keeping you healthy.* Talk with your healthcare provider to determine which Thera-D® is right for you.  

Multivitamins to Help Support Immune Health 

Multivitamins do not replace a healthy, balanced diet, but they can help bridge any nutritional gaps. If you struggle to make healthy choices every day, consider adding a high-quality multivitamin to your daily routine.  

Theralogix offers three different, once-daily multivitamins to support your healthy, active lifestyle.   

Essentia®is formulated specifically for premenopausal women to support immune health, metabolism, bone health, healthy energy levels and more.* Essentia provides a full range of vitamins and minerals, including methylated folate, 50 mcg (2,000 IU) of vitamin D3, iron, and choline. 

Solo is formulated to support the nutrient needs of men and postmenopausal women. Similar to Essentia®, Solo provides a full range of vitamins and minerals, including 50 mcg (2,000 IU) of vitamin D3 and other important nutrients, but contains no iron.  

Companion is also formulated for men and postmenopausal women, offering a wide range of vitamins and minerals. However, this product is unique in that it does not contain iron, vitamin K, or vitamin D. This multivitamin is a great “companion” to other products that already contain a healthy dose of vitamin D, like Theravir® or Thera-D®.  

As your social circle widens and your calendar fills up, remember the importance of immune health. Keeping yourself healthy can help protect so many others – your family, your friends, and every stranger you meet. 

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