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Dietary Supplement News

Dietary supplements are often in the news.  Below we summarize some recent dietary supplement news and share information about Theralogix.

The New England Journal of Medicine recently released a study announcing that approximately 23,000 emergency room visits each year are attributed to adverse events related to dietary supplements.

In this study, after excluding unsupervised ingestion of dietary supplements by children, 35% of the emergency room visits were attributed to weight loss and energy enhancement products.

Roughly another 31% of emergency rooms visits were attributed to products containing vitamins and minerals, and most were due to mild to moderate allergic reactions and swallowing problems.

How is Theralogix Different?

Theralogix takes your safety very seriously. We adhere to the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), which require documentation and tracking of all reported adverse events.

Our nutrition department is available to accept adverse event reports, and our website includes a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) directing you how to report an adverse event to us. Our record and commitment to safety is exemplary.

  • Theralogix does not manufacture any weight loss or energy products.
  • Theralogix clearly labels all allergens in our products. We do not hide behind proprietary and herbal blends, and each nutrient is disclosed on the supplement facts label.
  • All our products are independently tested for content accuracy, purity and freedom from contaminants by NSF International, the world leader in product certification for public health and safety.

Our mission is to develop safe, effective, evidence-based nutritional supplements recommended for use under the supervision of a healthcare provider, as one component of an overall health maintenance program.

We encourage you to discuss the supplements you use with all of your doctors. In the unlikely event that you do experience anything unusual or unexpected, please call 1-888-899-3899, ext. 4 (8 am to 4 pm EST) or e-mail us at inquire@theralogix.com to report any side effects. Your concerns are very important to us.