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Women's Health

The Latest Articles About Women's Health

Don’t risk your health or the health of your loved ones by consuming an uncertified health supplement or a supplement not tested by an independent third party. This blog by Theralogix discusses how consumers can choose a safe dietary supplement.

Health Supplement Safety: The Case for Independent Certification

One of the results of the COVID-19 crisis has been a surge in interest in certain dietary supplements, particularly those that are focused on supporting immune health. Unfortunately, surges in demand are often accompanied by price spikes and an increase …

Yoga is an excellent activity that can be done in the home. Yoga has both mental and physical health benefits. Theralogix discusses yoga in its latest Balanced Living Blog.

Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has long been recognized for increasing flexibility, building muscle strength, and supporting good posture.  Over the last few decades, there has been renewed interest in yoga and potential health benefits found for diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and stress management.  …

The market is flooded with postnatal breastfeeding supplements. This blog by Theralogix helps readers understand what nutrients their postnatal supplement for breastfeeding should include.

What to Look for in a Postnatal Vitamin Supplement

Nutrient needs during breastfeeding are different than they are during pregnancy or any other time in a woman’s life. Taking a postnatal vitamin supplement formulated for nursing moms, along with a balanced diet, will provide the essential vitamins and minerals …

Many women with chronic UTIs want to know if sex can actually cause UTIs. Don’t let chronic UTIs get in the way of your sex life. In this article Theralogix’s Balanced Living Blog provides readers with the five best ways to reduce your risk of UTI’s.

UTIs and Sex: Five Best Ways To Reduce Your Risk

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are a chronic problem for some women. For sexually active women, UTIs and sex can be especially problematic. The main reason for this increased risk? Women have a shorter urethra– the tube that carries urine …

Many women trying to conceive want to know what prenatal they should take. This blog helps women trying to conceive by providing useful knowledge on ingredients that should be included in a prenatal vitamin.

Trying to Conceive? Prenatal Vitamin Ingredients You Need to Know About

When you are planning for pregnancy, or even once you find out you’re expecting, choosing a prenatal vitamin can be quite overwhelming.  There are so many to choose from, and you’re probably wondering which prenatal vitamin is best? Should …

Vitamin D has been known as the sunshine vitamin has many benefits. This Theralogix Balanced Living Blog discusses the benefits of vitamin D, how the vitamin supports bone health and more.

The Health Benefits of Vitamin D: Top 9 Questions

Every time you turn around there is yet another news story about the importance of vitamin D.  The “sunshine vitamin” has been shown to be beneficial for several health conditions, including bone health, immune health, fertility, and others.