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Health and Wellness

The Latest Articles About Health and Wellness

Read on for fertility diet and lifestyle tips that may benefit both men and women on their journey to starting a family.

How Men and Women Can Boost Fertility by Making Lifestyle and Nutrition Changes

Do certain foods or diet patterns help with fertility? Maybe so. A recent study revealed that certain dietary patterns, like the Mediterranean and Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diets may help support healthy ovarian function. In addition to the …

Learn about the health benefits of staying hydrated and the five best tips for staying hydrated.

5 Best Tips for Staying Hydrated

What is hydration? By definition, it’s “the process of making your body absorb water or other liquid.” It’s no secret that drinking water is good for you. But for many people, drinking enough water and staying hydrated can be difficult.…

Here are five tips for men to help prioritize your health and wellness.

Men’s Health & Wellness Tips

Health and wellness may not always rank as your number one priority. Maybe it falls below work, taking care of your family, or other responsibilities and obligations in your life. But remember, staying healthy makes it so much easier to …

A plant-based diet is a win for your health, the environment, your budget, and your athletic performance.

Plant-Based Diet for Athletes: Staying Active and Healthy on a Plant-Based Diet   

Plant-based diets are on the rise – and for good reason. They’re tied to heart health, immune health, gut health, and more. Plus, they help protect the planet and benefit your grocery budget.  

But if you’re an athlete, are plants …

Take some time to figure out what a plant-based diet means to you, and then check out these tips to help you include more plants in your diet.

Plant-Based Diet for Beginners 

There are plenty of reasons to adopt a plant-based diet – your health, the environment, your budget, and more. If you’re interested in plant-based eating but aren’t sure where to start, consider this your guide. Learn all about what a …

Whether you follow a plant-based diet all the time or occasionally, you can benefit your health, your budget, and the planet by including more legumes in your diet.

Spilling the Beans on Legumes 

Beef, chicken, pork, turkey – meat is usually cast as the lead in most meals, while plant foods are lucky to land a supporting role. But plant-based diets are on the rise. Slowly but surely, dinner plates across the U.S. …